Project Description


If we consider Earth’s age, humanity as a whole is like a small child in the evolution of time on Earth.

The world seems as if it’s in the hands of this capricious child, who plays with it without care for the consequences any games might cause.
The slingshot represents our natural resources, which we are stretching beyond their limits.
We can damage them or lose hold and launch the world into perdition; if we want to survive as a race, we must release the tension.

Material: Bronze, chrome plated bronze and corten steel
Edition of 20 plus 3 artist’s proofs – 31 x 65 x 23 cm
Edition of 8 plus 3 artist’s proofs – 100 x 218 x 69 cm
Edition of 6 plus 3 artist’s proofs – 415 x 895 x 285 cm

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